see where we’ve been and where we’re going

Looking out toward the refinery, 1948.

The Chevron Salt Lake Refinery has been a proud member of the Utah community since 1948.

The facility was built by Standard Oil Company of California to process 14,000 barrels per day of Rangely crude oil from northwestern Colorado. In 1984, the refinery became the Chevron Salt Lake Refinery following the merger of Standard Oil with Gulf Oil.

Since its construction, the Salt Lake Refinery has continued to evolve and grow to meet the ever-changing needs of our area and power Utah forward. In its over 70-year history, the refinery has grown from a simple facility making primarily low-octane gasoline and fuel oil to a complex facility producing primarily gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.

In 1972, the Salt Lake Refinery was the first refinery in Utah to treat refinery produced fuel gas to reduce sulfur emissions. Since then, we have continued to focus on our environmental performance.

In recent years, the refinery has invested over $15 million dollars in technological innovations to enable the facility to produce lower sulfur Tier 3 fuels, demonstrating Chevron’s commitment to cleaner air and being the partner of choice in Utah.

As the refinery continues to operate and innovate, our workforce will deliver reliable, affordable and ever-cleaner energy to Utah.